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Your prescription for wellbeing - sayings

One list you're invited to write in the Your prescription for wellbeing journal is of sayings or idioms that resonate with how you're feeling - sayings such as stuck between a rock and a hard place, can't see the wood for the trees or spinning too many plates.

The reason I ask is the metaphor contained within those very words can be a great source of insight - especially when you're stressed. Because when you're stressed logic has often flown out of the window and rational thought with it, and yet metaphorical language and the insight contained within it remains.

In essence, if you can’t see the wood for the trees exploring the metaphor, the wood, for a little time and keeping a distance between you and problem can result in you finding solutions currently hidden from view.

In a real wood, for example, you might follow the path out, use a map, move to a higher vantage point and so on – all metaphorical solutions you could then apply to the original situation.

In a wood in your imagination then changes might include changing the season, the types of trees, the number of trees or cutting some of them down or prohibiting anyone from planting any more trees until you can see those that have already been planted.

My book Can’t see the wood for the trees – landscaping your life to get back on track explains more about how to use the metaphor hidden in your language when you’re stuck to help you find solutions to the current problem.

There's also vlogs, blogs and episodes of the Landscaping Your Life podcast that provide additional hints, tips and insight. Episode 41 of the podcast provides a great overview and summary of the types of insight you might expect.

Otherwise pick a saying you resonate with from the list below and follow the link and notice what you notice as I share examples of how to use the saying to get unstuck and back on track:

All I can promise is you'll now start to notice how often you and others in your life use metaphors in your language and how effective they can be at helping you to solve the problem and get back on track.

I'm always adding more sayings to the Landscaping Your Life podcast and Landscaping Your Life YouTube channel so do follow them so you've always got access to support when you're feeling out of sorts. If you sign up for my newsletter you'll also be sure to get the latest about what I'm up to on the prescription and other tools I use to help you keep on track.

If you'd like me to run a prescription for wellbeing session for your team do get in touch (please note not


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