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Your prescription for wellbeing - poems & stories

One list you're invited to write in your prescription for wellbeing journal is of things you do that help you when you're out of sorts.

One of the things on my list would be poetry - either reading other's words or writing my own (usually whilst out in nature which would also be another item on my list of what helps me get back on track).

For example, even after 20 years since first reading them, the words of Oriah Mountain Dreamer's The invitation never fails to provide insight and a reminder I may be looking in the wrong place for the answers (see link to buy the book sharing the context behind her words).

I wonder as you read the above words if you've got any additional insight about the situation you're grappling with - seen it from a different perspective - or that something previously hidden has become clearer?

As my own poetry also helps others to see situations from different perspectives I've included some of them in the journal - with Paths and Destinations below (p40 of the journal) being one of my favourites - and one I use often in workshops for other organisations or my own.

Take time to reflect on the path you're currently on, and the insight that realisation is providing about what to do next.

Elements of the paths and destinations poem has also been the theme behind a number of Landscaping your Life with Alison Smith podcast episodes

My poems also feature in series 3 of the Landscaping your Life with Alison Smith podcast

Please note: apple/spotify links below take you to the podcast recording - the other links to blogs sharing more about the poems including the words

There's also a playlist of a number of my poems on my Landscaping Your Life YouTube channel.

Other poems I've written that often help others- although don't all feature in the journal - include:

I've also written short stories at times of greatest challenge too - here's two of my favourites that never fail to provide insight:

If you're grappling with a problem I'd also highly recommend picking up pen and paper and seeing what words arise. (They flow more for me when I'm sitting in nature - it's a case of finding the location that works best for you). The words may or may not seem like they relate to the current problem - just let them emerge and notice what you notice once the flow of words has stopped.

Don't worry about whether it's a poem, story or something between the two - just see it as a conversation between yourself and your inner knowing and trust that insight and inspiration about what to do are there to be uncovered and in the words of the paths and desinstions poem feel the:

If you'd like me to run a prescription for wellbeing session for your team or a more general session on problem solving or personal development using poetry and other unconventional tools do get in touch (please note not


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