Your Prescription For Wellbeing Journal

What to do, and what not to do when you’re stuck, stressed or overwhelmed.
A journal for anyone feeling overwhelmed, stuck or stressed and who doesn’t know what to do.
Providing you with a prescription you can go to when you’re stressed or out of sorts.
A prewritten list of things to start doing that you know gets you back on track.
And, a reminder of things you might want to stop doing that often don’t help, and might even be hindering you getting back on track.
In this simple process you’re asked to complete your prescription by writing down:
1. An outcome
2. Your current symptoms
3. Any sayings you’re using – more information why this help here
4. Things you know that work and support you when you’re out of sorts in this way – some suggestions here
4. Things you know that don’t work or hinder progress being made – some suggestions here
5. A list of people who you could ask for support
You’ll find out more about the process here, the poems Alison shares in the journal here, and can buy the journal here, and also buy her book Can’t see the wood for the trees, described by one reader as first aid kit for the mind, on Amazon or from other online stockists.
See #yourprescriptionforwellbeing #landscapingyourlife on social media for more about this fantastic journal which would make an ideal gift.
* If you’re wanting to order larger volumes of the journal for use with teams, groups, organisations or at conferences please get in touch
© Alison Smith
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Registered in Scotland, Registration Number: SC457105
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