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What's your niche?

I'd like to share an insight I had when I stopped looking for my 'niche' and started to look for what I was an 'expert' in. Because as I say often in my posts, words have power, and for me 'expertise' was the key to the door that 'niching' had failed to open.

What is a niche?

Trainers, coaches, speakers and consultants are constantly advised to "define your niche."

The idea being that defining the niche makes it easier for clients to know if you're the trainer, coach, speaker or consultant for them.

For example - if I'm a 50+ female speaker and coach living in Scotland, helping people get back on track when they don't know what to do, with challenges around selling my services - where do I look for support?

That is, there's thousands of coaches, trainers or consultants who could help me - so how do I whittle it down to a shortlist.

Ideally someone with experience and expertise in offering support to someone just like me - so someone who works with female coaches and speakers living in Scotland over 50 to improve their sales would be FABULOUS.

I may have to settle for someone who improves sales for female coaches and speakers but that's still better than just someone who helps any business improve their sales.

That's where niching comes in - if a coach, trainer, speaker or consultant is 1 of 100,000 coaches, trainers, speakers or consultants they're not really making it easy for people to engage with them. Clients have lots of choice and may therefore choose any of the remaining 99,999 names on the list.

If you can become the only coach, trainer, speaker or consultant offering a service then you're unique.

You may have reduced how many people you can sell to but you're the one they come to when the problem they have perfectly matches the service you offer.

The key is getting the wording of the niche right.

Niche or expertise?

Over the years I've searched high and low for my niche - with me being a coach, trainer and speaker on:

  • Helping you find passion in life
  • Landscaping your life
  • Using unconventional coaching and problem solving tools
  • Helping you find joy in the unexpected
  • Zagging when everyone else is zigging

Which are all true niches but how often do clients set out to find someone to help them zag rather than zig!

A few weeks ago I was reading a book and it asked me what I was expert in, and my answer came very clearly

  • Helping others get unstuck and back on track
  • Helping them to uncover options when they don't think there are any
  • Thinking about things differently and using unconventional tools to do this

I would suggest that the earlier list are all included in this new list - it's just easier for people to understand when I would be the perfect coach, trainer or speaker for them.

It just shows the power of words - if you're struggling to find your niche you may want to look for your expertise and see if you get a more enlightening answer?

Of course 'niche' or 'expertise' may not be the word that's the key to your door - perhaps competence, skill, aptitude, insight, proficiency, know-how, wisdom or knowledge may work better for you?

Do let me know how you get on - and if you know anyone who is stuck and doesn't know what to do - looking for someone to help them get back on track by thinking a little differently and uncovering options currently hidden from view please send them my details +44(0)7770 538159 - thank you.

A previous post on words having power explored looking for answers or solutions.

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