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What's new for LYL speaking and training?

As a result of the recent success to easily and effortlessly shift mindset of both the paths and destinations and what is normal poems I am very pleased and excited to be adding the following sessions to my training and speaking portfolio.

  • Back to a new normal - work has changed and what was normal has changed and won't be the same for everyone
  • The 7 paths that stop you reaching your destination – how to release the blocks to achieving success
  • Getting to a better vantage point – creative and innovative practices to find what’s hidden from view
  • Being comfortable with the path less travelled – finding joy in the unexpected

Other popular sessions that have helped teams and individuals to demolish the blocks to moving forward and towards their success have included (follow the links to find out more):

To find out more about running any of these sessions for your organisation, or to discuss the development of a bespoke training session to meet the needs of your team in these unprecedented times to get in touch +44(0)7770 538159

If you're interested in coaching for yourself or a team member you'll find out a little more about the options available here.

There's also a Landscaping Your Life Podcast, and the first series used a number of my poems as a basis for the conversations.


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