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What is normal?

A poem that arose from my frustration of the judgement expressed in social media about how others should, must or ought to be reacting to the lockdown and unprecedented times that emerged then and continue to provide challenging times for us all.

My normal isn’t your normal - yours isn’t mine.
It isn’t today, never was, and will never be.
What was my normal has changed, will change again, and again over coming weeks and months. Yours too.
Someone’s normal may be increased energy and enthusiasm.
Another’s normal may struggle to get the basics and essentials done.
Today’s normal may be lots of free time, or no time at all.
Tomorrow’s normal may be creative and inspired or a mind stuck in Groundhog Day.
No right.
No wrong.
Just what is.
An emerging raveling and unraveling of old, not so old and new and yet to be discovered habits.
A tightrope of known and unknown, of certain and uncertain.
Each of us trying to make sense of the unprecedented, and getting a different answer.
And yet it’s an answer that gives us faith, hope and strength.
If I try to pull your rug from under your feet about the certainty of your answer I apologise,
as I hope you will me.
My normal isn’t your normal - yours isn’t mine.
It isn’t today, never was, and will never be.

I share more about my relationship and the insights that have emerged from this poem in a LYL vlog.

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Here's a copy of the poem you can print more easily:


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