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What does love want you to know?

What does love want you to know?

Seven years ago I developed a coaching toolkit which was a series of postcards from individual soft skills sent to you whilst on their holidays.

It read like a series of love letters from aspects of yourself each asking to be understood better including, for example, postcards from motivation, judgement, confidence, communication, change, decision making, creativity and so on.

For Valentine’s Day this year I had thought I’d just be sharing that toolkit with you – offering it as a means of deepening your relationship with yourself.

And I am, and yet another postcard made itself known at six in the morning over the weekend and asked to be written.

A postcard from love.

Perhaps before reading my own postcard you could sit for a while and consider what emerges for you.

To write words that follow

Dearest one, And fill the space before writing the words, with love from love x

You’ll find a link to the whole soft skills toolkit by signing up to my newsletter and then looking in the archive of posts for 14th Feb 2024. Although you will find a little more about the toolkit in this blog too. Any always happy to talk to you about using it as the theme for a soft skills development programme for your team. I'm currently delivering a 3 month programme and to say I'm like a kid in a sweetshop is an understatement.

Happy Valentine’s Day

With much love

Alison xx +44(0)7770 538159

And here is that postcard from love and below that a Linkedin live I recorded on the subject

And here's a link to a LinkedIn live on the subject


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