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The LANDSCAPE toolkit

The poem From not knowing to knowing (what to do) shares why I do what I do and the benefits that arise from working with me. The main characteristics being:

  • you don't know what to do
  • you believe you have no or limited options
  • logic isn't helping
  • you want to get back on track
  • you're prepared (happy even) to try something a little unconventional

The gorgeous and effective, and yet unconventional, tools in the Landscaping Your Life LANDSCAPE toolkit help you uncover opportunities, options, and solutions to situations where you have no options or even help you find answers to your questions:

  • Language & words - because words have power and have much insight hidden within them
  • Analogy & metaphor - because a metaphor paints a thousand pictures (and you know what a picture paints)
  • NLP & mindset - because being conscious of your thinking provides more choice of action
  • Drawing & collage - because the creative part of you does have secrets to share
  • Stories & poems - because your inner wisdom loves nothing better than for you to journey within and hear its whispers
  • Cards & games - because when asked to act 'as if' something is true you can uncover the truth
  • Absurdity & laughter - because laughter is a great shaker of stuck mindsets
  • Patterns & programs - because it's not the content of a situation that is keep you stuck but the repeated and habitual patterns of thinking and acting
  • Empowerment & Awareness - because self awareness and personal responsibility is where the transformation begins

If you'd like to find out more about using the Landscaping Your Life LANDSCAPE toolkit to help you or your team to expand your options and problem solving do get in touch +44(0)7770 538159.

You may also find my newsletter or my book Can't see the wood for the trees - landscaping your life to get back on track of support and insight.


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