Alison’s keynote ‘5 Ways to see the wood for the trees in 2023’ is an antidote to the upheaval we have experienced over the last 3 years.
Alison shares the five themes that have emerged from taking 100s of business-suited individuals and teams into woods across the UK over the last 20 years to help them see the wood for the trees. More recent virtual sessions have meant these have taken place further afield with one notable session including the added jeopardy of the potential for gators to appear out of the nearby water!
Sharing metaphorical solutions from these numerous visits to the woods allows each delegate to make sense of the metaphor for themselves. Allowing them to listen to their own inner compass to make sense of the potential routes available and plot their own route out of the wood.
Just like with coaching this less directive means of sharing insights allows the delegate to put the pieces of the jigsaw together for themselves, increasing the likelihood of action and lasting change as a result.
Other topics for keynotes and talks including a recent addition Paths and Destinations can be found here.
“I recently attended an event at which Alison was not only keynote speaker but also ran a coaching session. She brought along her fun and enthusiastic personality wrapped up in a blanket of knowledge. She is thought provoking, encouraging and challenges the (your) norm to create maximise development and learning. I found her style of delivery and coaching to be highly engaging and took away practical and motivating outcomes and learnings. I would recommend Alison as a coach and as a speaker - she is talented!”

Paul Curry at Scottish Institute for Business Leaders meeting
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