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Dear Human Being,

The solutions to many of the challenges you face are just like the iceberg in the above postcard - underneath the surface. They're hidden in your subconscious, not yet known but wanting and waiting to be seen and understood.

To help enable you to bring the very solutions you're searching for into your conscious awareness we've written a series of postcards to you.

They're available as a toolkit and are entitled Dear Human Being, with love from your Soft Skills.

For instance Change Management went on a bit of a busman's holiday, and sent you a picture of a stick in the mud (I think that can also be a little how it feels at times trying to work with you):

Their postcard concludes "Promise us, when you start your next project we’ll be the first to know and not the last?"

Rapport sent you yet another picture of the sky because they're all about minimizing differences and finding common ground.

Feelings had an great time at the enchanted Forest near Pitlochry with Awe and Excitement enjoying themselves immensely. They sent you this postcard.

We hope you'll agree that, whilst potentially unconventional, they're a very effective means of providing different perspectives to skills that are often taken for granted, ignored or even abused!

We certainly hope you'll enjoy reading what we got up to on our holidays, and what insight we shared with you via out postcards to help you develop your use of us more fully.

With Love from your Soft Skills

Do get in touch if you'd like to find out more about the unconventional soft skills toolkit, training and coaching to help your teams have FULL IMPACT and CONFIDENCE in what they do.


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