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SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

I'm proud to say Landscaping Your Life Limited (LYL) is one of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture's corporate partners.

In addition to the corporate partnership, and for every Landscaping Your Life team programme delivered, LYL will be contributing to rewilding an acre in Scotland’s landscapes. That is,

As LYL supports you to restore balance and connect to your own inner landscapes and wisdom you will also be helping to restore balance in Scotland’s natural landscapes.

To celebrate the start of the corporate partnership, and ahead of Don't step on a bee day on 10th July, we're offering the following webinar:

1930 - 2030 BST
8th July 2021

It will be an interactive session where you'll have the opportunity to explore:

  • What insight you can take from the conditions needed to encourage bees into a landscape and apply it to your own life?
  • What action you can take to have a more inspired and joyful life?

You can sign up for the session here - with all donations going to SCOTLAND: The Big Picture.

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture's vision

Their vision is of a vast network of rewilded land and water across Scotland, where wildlife flourishes and people thrive, and looks like…

  • An interconnected system of wild forests is expanding, improving soil quality, water absorption and climate regulation, whilst allowing animals greater freedom to roam.
  • Tree-lined rivers are encouraged to meander as they want, collecting natural debris that enriches the water for insects, fish and birds.
  • A greater diversity and abundance of wildlife is thriving, including key native species such as beaver and lynx. 
  • Natural processes are understood, valued and functioning efficiently to shape significant parts of our land and seas.
  • Extensive areas of peatland have been repaired to store carbon, purify water and mitigate flood risk, and are hosting a full complement of moorland species, including raptors.
  • At sea, a wider network of Marine Protected Areas is established, and a healthier marine environment is supporting greater numbers of indicator species such as whales and dolphins.
  • Vibrant communities are thriving in a diverse nature-based economy that integrates their economic and social needs with the long-term restoration of species and habitats.

What's Landscaping Your Life's (LYL) connection with rewilding?

Landscaping Your Life is about thinking about things differently to help you get back on track.

LYL involves mapping and expanding the options you believe you have in situations in your life - particularly when you're stuck or don't know what to do and think you're out of options.

The LANDSCAPE toolkit includes many effective if unconventional tools to help expand your thinking. To move situations where you don’t know what to do to seeing the different perspectives you’ve been missing.

One of the tools in the toolkit is Analogy & Metaphor and this can be best seen in action in the book Can’t see the wood for the trees - landscaping your life to get back on track which was written in nature’s landscapes.

Alison Smith 2020 - © Julie Broadfoot -

The book uses nature's landscapes as metaphors for your life.

Each chapter provides a variety of tools to help you to obtain alternate perspectives about the current situation. Whether that's when you can't see the wood for the trees, are stuck in a rut, are going round in circles, are up a creek without a paddle, and so on.

If the following quote from the book is true:

the closer to nature we are the more we are able to be ourselves untainted by a world constantly trying to alter something that is already beautiful”.

then rewilding ourselves and embracing our own beauty can be achieved through a connection with nature.

Which is why a charity supporting the rewilding of nature is close to LYL's heart.

It is also why, as LYL supports you to restore balance and connect to your own inner landscapes and wisdom, LYL will be helping to restore balance in Scotland’s natural landscapes:

For every LYL team programme delivered LYL will be rewilding an acre in Scotland’s landscapes.

If you've benefited from the work LYL does outwith a team programme such as via coaching, retreats, workshops, speaking, newsletters, social media posts or poems you're invited to consider supporting the wonderful work SCOTLAND: The Big Picture do - you can DONATE HERE.


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