Landscaping Your Life Poetry

Alison’s writing has always had a personal development theme to it – whether that’s her blog posts, book, short stories or poems.
The intention of Alison’s writing is to inspire you to think about your thinking. More specifically, to help you become more aware of how your thinking might be hindering you from achieving the results and outcomes you want. Her writing also provides different means of shifting that thinking to enable you to get back on track.
The recent success of two poems has inspired her to offer webinars and keynotes using these poems as the basis for the conversation.

What is normal

What is normal arose as a result of Alison reading posts that were telling us all what we needed to do to get through lockdown. Much of which was based on the writer’s own preferences and yet they were expressing these preferences as an instruction and mandate for everyone. As the poem says “my normal isn’t your normal, yours isn’t mine”.

Paths and Destinations

Paths and Destinations was inspired by an observation that when you can’t see the wood for the trees that it is rarely about the wood or the trees. It’s the paths or destinations, whether less travelled, for the adventurer, a deadend or vantage point that can help provide insight into why you are where you are and what you can do to get back on track.
Alison already has a few ideas about how to use these poems in the work she does for organisations – here are her initial thoughts that will be updated as new ideas and plans emerge.
“Paths and destinations; a poem full of adventure, hope and opportunity. I often find myself unconsciously carrying Alison’s words with me when I wander through my local landscapes. What path will I take today? Am I seeking the comfort of a known path, the excitement of a new path or the uncertainty of a path less travelled? The metaphors within paths and destinations have provided me with a different way of thinking about the familiar; and who knows…in time, maybe they will reveal new ways of being.”

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