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Paths and Destinations

Here's a poem I wrote to help you to explore your relationship between the paths and destinations in your life. Helping you identify the blocks to making progress and find clarity and understand what to do next.

Some paths are simply a means of getting from where we are to a destination where we want to be

Other paths
Movement away from where we are
A decision only needed when we reach that first crossroads
No destination in mind just one step at a time

Other paths
A means of getting to a better vantage point
To higher ground
To enable the observation of all possible destinations currently unseen

Other paths
Testing the ground and its ability to hold us
Learning to have faith and trust ourselves again
With destinations still to be imagined

Other paths
Undoubtedly deadends
A reversal needed
Yet the lessons learned invaluable for future path taking and destination arriving

Other paths
Adventures for the journeyer
Decisions to be made later
The destination of no relevance nor import

Other paths
Those less travelled
Less clear
Destinations to be known only when we get there

Other paths
That have yet to be laid down
360 degrees of choice
Paths and destinations as yet unmapped

Other paths
A knowing that we need to take the path
Even if we don’t know why
Just an excitement of the unknown calling for our inner wisdom to be revealed

Which path will you take today?

I share more about my relationship and the insights that have emerged from this poem in a LYL YouTube playlist. There's also a recording of a session I facilitated for Headtorch using the poem to explore wellbeing. It's also been the subject of a number of episodes of my Landscaping your Life with Alison Smith podcast see episodes #44 & #16 (Spotify/Apple)

If you'd like to find out more about using this poem with your team, and other poems I've written such as What is normal?, Chasing the tide, From not knowing to knowing what to do, to explore challenges that might be facing you as we continue to grapple with challenging times do get in touch +44(0)7770 538159.

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Here's a copy you can print more easily:


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