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Open for (more) work

“Are you still doing consultancy - you seem so busy” asked someone with a gorgeous opportunity.

I thought, therefore, that I’d better clarify in case there’s other gorgeous opportunities I’m missing, that I’d be a perfect fit for, and you’re not reaching out because you think I’m too busy.

Yes - I am open for (more) work.

Open to work if you’re a remote working team coming out of lockdown and want a mindset reset.

Open to work if you’re a team wanting to identify and remove the blocks to your success.

Open to work if you’d like a more confident, self aware team taking personal responsibility and getting things done.

Open to work if you’d like your team to develop new tools for problem solving, and creative and innovative thinking.

And this particular gorgeous opportunity was training and coaching on stakeholder engagement - not just models but how to do it in practice - how to adapt what you’re saying to engage stakeholders meaningfully so that they’re as enthused as you about the opportunities. Which involved a discussion about disrupting habitual mindsets.

Do get in touch if you’d like to explore what I could do for you or your team to breakdown the blocks to moving confidently forward as 2021 progresses

You can also find out more about my training, speaking and coaching by following the links.


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