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My problem feels solvable

“My problem now feels solvable” was the greatest compliment I could get.

Someone said this to me last week as a result of a coaching session and I realise that a compliment for me is the positive outcome I’ve helped them to achieve.

Over the years I’ve found it hard to articulate the outcome from my coaching - unstuck, back on track, or problem solved.

What’s happened over the last few months is a realisation that it’s the feeling that accompanies these outcomes, that motivates me, and is also why people ask me to help.

They call feeling lost, overwhelmed, stressed and with no idea what to do next (I suppose that’s where the frequent use of can’t see the wood for the trees comes in).

They leave feeling a huge degree of relief knowing their problem is solvable with at least the first few steps clear in their mind.

If you want your problem to feel solvable and you're intrigued about how the Landscaping your Life process can help then the Landscaping Your Life podcast may be a great place to start - just pick an episode title that resonates with how you're feeling and notice what you notice (Apple/Spotify and you'll find an index here).

Or taking a Landscaping Your Life walk can be hugely insightful.

My book Can't see the wood for the trees is also a fabulous reference manual for when you're stuck and don't know what to do - one reader described it as "first aid kit for the mind".

Or why not get in touch and explore the options about some Landscaping Your Life coaching with me - which is available face to face or virtually.


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