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March to May 24 Guest Podcast Interviews - nature inspired wisdom

If you're interested and intrigued about what Landscaping Your Life is all about and how it can help you if you're struggling, stressed, overwhelmed or don't know what to do the Landscaping Your Life podcast episodes will help bring it more alive (Apple/Spotify and you'll find an index here) - so too my chats on other people's podcasts - where the breadth and depth of questions really excites, inspires and challenges me.

With my interviews on other people's podcasts coming more frequently I'm going to share them here on a monthly basis - with all those undertaken prior to September 2023 being found here, October 2023 here, November 23 here, December 23 here and Jan / Feb 24 here. Do keep an eye out on the LYL blog for future month's interviews.

I loved these conversations - do pick one and have a listen and let me know what you think +44(0)7770 538159

Do also get in touch if you'd like me to be a guest on your podcast talking about all things Landscaping Your Life and how language and metaphor can really help your listeners to get back on track when they're struggling


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