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Landscaping Your Life with Alison Smith Podcast

In series 3 of the Landscaping Your Life (LYL) with Alison Smith podcast I'll be using poems along side nature's landscapes as metaphor's for your life (see Apple/ Spotify / or you'll find it in all the usual places you listen to your podcast).

Helping you to get back on track when you're stuck and don't know what to do. Whether that's when you’re lost, lacking in focus, motivation or confidence or feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Send the situation you're grappling with on a coffee break as you explore one of nature's landscapes to gain insight and a different perspective you can apply to the situation later.

You'll find the poems mentioned in the podcast below and I'll add links to the episodes as they go live.

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Other information that I mention in the podcast include:

See below for poems and links to the podcast episode for this latest series of episodes

Episode #42 Grappling with the known and unknown, certain and uncertain (Apple / Spotify)

What is normal

Can't see the wood for the trees

Here's a vlog of me reading the poem in nature.

Episode #43 Stand in nature and hear your inner wisdom’s whispers (Apple/Spotify)

Landscaping Your Life

With episode #37 of the podcast sharing more insight to support you when you're feeling lost - apple/ spotify.

Down to Earth

Episode #44 Paths or destination that is the question (Apple/Spotify)

Here's a vlog of just the poem, and a couple of vlogs I mention about getting to higher vantage points , with episode #16 of the podcast being the one I mention where I embody the paths and destinations poem and really struggle and resist walking until the next crossroads (Apple/ Spotify).

Paths & Destinations

Episode #45 An uprooting and lack of confidence in myself (Apple/Spotify)

Grounded to me

I reclaim all my parts

Episode #52 From not knowing to knowing what to do (Goes live on 26th June)


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