Landscaping Your Life Toolkit

The Landscaping Your Life (LYL) toolkit is a set of down to earth tools using nature’s landscapes as metaphors for your life to help you get back on track.

How do the LYL tools work?

When you’re struggling logic isn’t always a great help because it’s being impacted by how you’re thinking and feeling about the situation. The detail, history or even drama attached to a situation can often therefore get in the way of you finding a solution.
The LYL tools use nature as a metaphor to bypass your struggling logic. You use nature to help you to find different perspectives that are currently hidden from view. Perspectives that will reduce the struggle and help you to know what to do next.
The tools work because you understand how nature works – the tides, day and night, the seasons, planting seeds and allowing them to flourish and so on.
Once you’ve got some additional insight from nature what happens is the part of you that understands and communicates in metaphor translates these solutions back into the real-life situation. Which means options and different perspectives that were out of view are now available to you.
It’s one of those tools that sounds weird until you try it – promise it never fails to amaze.
The key is knowing where to look in nature for the solutions.
The beauty of the process is that the landscape that can help you is often in your language when you’re struggling.
You’ll find many a vlog on the subject on the LYL playlist here.
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“Alison is one of the best coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with (and I've worked with a few!). She has a highly practical nature and combines it with strong intuition and unconventional tools to guide you to find insights and answers to specific challenges.

Alison asks powerful thought provoking questions, but it's not just about coming up with answers in your mind; in my session she used various unconventional tools to help me connect with my intuition to gain new insights and awareness about my situation. Not only that, due to Alison's skill and patience I was able to experience a profound shift in relation to an ongoing challenge that had been holding me back in my life and I left the session with action steps to enable me to progress further.

Whether you're looking for a personal coach or you're looking for a highly skilled executive coach in the workplace for insights, awareness and more importantly a clear idea of the next action to take, if you're ready to try a powerful alternative, I highly recommend you get in touch with Alison.”

Mel Sherwood, Pitch and presentation skills specialist speaker, coach and trainer
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