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How to come out of the shadows

Someone said to me that I needed to "come out the shadows" and whilst agreeing with them I also knew it was great subject for the next episode #62 of the Landscaping Your Life Podcast (Apple/Spotify).

A great subject because I believe we can find much insight by using the landscapes in our language as metaphors for the situation in hand. Which means:

  • When you can't see the wood(s) for the trees in an area of your life go and visit a wood (there's a pdf here on the subject)
  • If you want to turn a corner in your life go into nature and find a corner to turn (see this vlog)
  • If you're at a crossroads experiment with making decisions at as many crossroads as you can find outside (to find out more listen to this episode of the podcast Apple/Spotify)

Because, whilst metaphorical, the patterns you notice out in nature will also be the same sorts of patterns happening in that situation you're grappling with.

And don't just trust me on that - why not have a go for yourself - I promise you will be very very surprised with the insight that emerges. To help you do that you'll find an index of episodes for all sort of different idioms we use when we're stuck here - just pick the episode that best describes how you're feeling about the situation.

The idiom Coming out of the shadows is used to describe no longer hiding ourselves or our expertise from the world.

We might be hiding for a number of reasons perhaps because of our fear of the non shadow (or whatever is beyond it), or the comfort we find within the shadow, or something else entirely.

As you'll hear in the episode what I discovered when I took myself out into nature to explore being in the shadows was about the assumptions I was making about the non shadow - assumptions that were incorrect and yet were keeping me firmly hidden from the world.

You can hear my surprise that stepping out of the shadow just wasn't the big effort I thought it would be - as I say in the poem I also share in the episode and below - no spot light, no scorching sun just normal things happening inviting me to take part and enjoy being out there.

If you think you might be hiding from the world I'd certainly recommend you having a listen to the episode #62 of the Landscaping Your Life podcast (Apple/Spotify).

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Here's what one listener said after listening to episode #23 How to stop treading water in a situation in your life (Apple/Spotify) 🙂

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