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How to find some get up and go

This image shows the insight from a Landscaping Your Life walk someone went on here in Fife when they were feeling demotivated and lacking direction:

  • 'Satellite Corner' invited them to tune in
  • 'The Bus Stops' reminded them they had a choice of direction
  • 'This Way' to look for the signs
  • 'Dead Wood Row' to let go of all that no longer serves
  • 'Let the Light in Avenue' to let the light in, and open up
  • 'Unfurl Corner' to unfurl and let go
  • 'Clear Ahead Copse' to follow the path and go with the flow
  • 'The Sign Post' brought it all together ie clarity of direction would come once the other actions had been completed and not before.
  • 'New Seedling Patch' a final reminder that once we're focused we can start to plant the seeds for others to benefit.

Next time you go for a walk notice what you notice about the patterns around you, or if you'd like to find out more about going on a group or solo LYL walk with Alison get in touch


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