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How to find some get up and go

This image shows the insight from a Landscaping Your Life walk someone went on here in Fife when they were feeling demotivated and lacking direction:

  • 1 'Satellite Corner' invited them to tune in
  • 2/3 'The Bus Stops' reminded them they had a choice of direction
  • 4 'This Way' to look for the signs
  • 5 'Dead Wood Row' to let go of all that no longer serves
  • 6 'Let the Light in Avenue' to let the light in, and open up
  • 7 'Unfurl Corner' to unfurl and let go
  • 8 'Clear Ahead Copse' to follow the path and go with the flow
  • 9 'The Sign Post' brought it all together ie clarity of direction would come once the other actions had been completed and not before.
  • 10 'New Seedling Patch' a final reminder that once we're focused we can start to plant the seeds for others to benefit.

Next time you go for a walk notice what you notice about the patterns around you.

It's a really simple process

  • Think of a situation you'd like more insight about.
  • Put it to the back of your mind (send it on a coffee break) whilst you go for a walk.
  • Go for a walk and notice what you notice - patterns, paths, signposts, dead ends, barriers, gates, resistance or joy to going a certain way, paths less travelled and so on (you may even want to use the paths and destinations poem as a basis for your walk as I did in episode #16 of the Landscaping Your Life with Alison Smith podcast (Apple/Spotify and all other locations you listen to your podcasts)).
  • Once you've gone for your walk reflect on those patterns (the above example may help provide an example of what's possible) - it sometimes helps to tell the story of the walk to someone else - it's as if the retelling helps you notice what may have passed you by.
  • How might these insights apply to your current situation - for example, is there a new perspective you're being asked to consider, an action to take or not take, someone to speak to, and so on?
  • Perhaps the walk allowed your mind time to wander up another tangent altogether, and never the less gave you insight about the situation you're grappling with.

If you'd like to find out more about going on a group or solo LYL walk with Alison get in touch - these can even be done virtually where Alison is in the office and you're at the other end of the phone taking a walk in nature with Alison asking questions as you do (which means you can be anywhere in the world and still get support as you walk).


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