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How do I landscape my life?

I love love love watching Landscape artist of the year - a new season of which started last night here in the UK on Sky.

I’ve watched it since its first episode in 2015 and have said for every one of the episodes since that I’d love to learn to paint.

I’ve therefore set myself a goal of doing just that this year 🎨 🖌️🧑‍🎨

The challenge of course is taking the first step and then committing to the time to do it regularly.

So if you’re in the same boat and would welcome an accountability buddy to keep us focused on our goal do get in touch.

The image shown above is of a painting I commissioned a friend, Pamela Lee art, to paint for me during Covid depicting many of the idioms covered in my book Can’t see the wood for the trees - landscaping your life to get back on track.

The books premise is that when we use idioms such as “can’t see the wood for the trees” that we also have an internal representation (some might describe it as a painting) of that wood and those trees for the situation we’re describing as such.

By bringing that representation / painting into conscious awareness we can therefore explore and even amend it in order to discover solutions and different perspectives about the situation.

This action helps shift us from a sense of stuckness and lack of options to picking from a lovely list of (metaphorical) solutions, that might include:

  • Drawing a map of the wood
  • Adding a path / stream / sign posts
  • Viewing it from higher ground
  • Adding a bench
  • Focusing on one tree
  • Deleting some of the trees
  • Changing the type of trees

Or one solution that applies more often than not

  • Focusing on the destination that’s at the other side of the wood (ie the wood has become a distraction of “what ifs” and fear of missing out and yet you do know where you want to go and it’s not about staying in the wood).

Walking in a real wood, rather than drawing or imagining it, provides yet more solutions and insight.

For more about how to use your own internal representations to help you solve problems see my Landscaping Your Life podcast, or the Can’t see the wood for the trees book.

Or if you’d like to be guided on a Landscaping Your Life walk do get in touch - me at the other end of the phone as you walk is as effective as me being by your side so your location in the world is not an issue.

See #landscapingyourlife on social media channels for more, or see the Landscaping Your Life podcast (Apple/Spotify or this index of episodes) or buy my book Can’t see the wood for the trees - landscaping your life to get back on track.

Or if you’re stressed, lost or don’t know what to do and instead want to ‘know the problem is solvable’ (as someone described the outcome of a coaching session last week) do get in touch +44(0)7770 538159

If you’re currently organising a team vision setting or development day some metaphorical Landscaping Your Life input can also be truly transformative - DM for more.


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