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How are you tracking progress?

Knowing how far you still have to go can make the difference between achieving your goal nor not - in life as well as walks on the beach.

After ‘losing’ the car a few times on previous visits we discovered that St Andrews numbers the paths on/off the beach so you know when you’re back to where you started ie enabling you to get back to your car easily!

Today, after joining at no. 7, we walked to the other end of the beach to where the river Eden joins the sea.

We then turned and walked back looking out for the appropriate exit.

Thinking we’d got there we headed towards a path only to discover it was no.11 not no.7!

We had another 4 exits to go!

Which prompts me to wonder what signs I’m using to track progress towards my other goals in life - because I’m perhaps not as near to completion with some as I think, and a number of others that feel out of reach may not be!

What measures are you using to track your progress?


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