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Half a path gets you nowhere

See below for the words of the poem and other links mentioned in episode #52 of the Landscaping Your Life with Alison Smith podcast (available from where you listen to your podcasts including Apple Spotify).

Before then here's some more general information about the podcast and the Landscaping Your Life process used in the podcasts to help you get back on track when you don't know what to do.

The poem that was written during the recording of the episode is entitled half a path:

Half a path

Half a path gets you nowhere

only a depletion of your energy, enthusiasm and engagement

disconnecting you from why you set out in the first place, and

diminishing the motivation for getting there

Suddenly stopped in your tracks

fear of missing out on lost opportunities

brings your focus down to the ground

Lost and doubting your earlier commitment you turn

wondering if to walk back you way you came

Look up

Remember why you chose that destination in the first place

Take one step forward

And another

Notice the excitement as it returns

Allow no distractions

Set the intention

and commit to achieving it

The other poem I mention in the episode is entitled Paths and Destinations and you'll find more about the poem and a podcast episode on the topic in this blog.

The book mentioned during the podcast is Move by Caroline Williams.

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