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Grounded to me

Grounded to me

Uprooted & disconnected
Reminding me of my ungroundedness
And yet,
where to look for that grounding?

I’d always imagined roots like the might oak
Something tethering me deep into the ground
Roots bringing the energy I lacked up from the earth’s inner core
Into my feet, ankles, calves, knees & then upward

Until I realised my ungroundedness came from within
An uprooting & disconnection from myself
Those imaginary roots required too much effort
That tethering further distancing me from my own inner core

Feeling ungrounded & trying too hard to find those external roots then
Is a signal and reminder that I’ve stepped away from who I am
Become someone I’m not
And forgotten that I am enough

Where might you have stepped away from who you are?

One of the nine elements in the Landscaping Your Life LANDSCAPE toolkit, that helps you see situations from different perspectives, is Stories & Poems.

It never fails to amaze me how much others get from my poems or short writing when they're grappling with a situation.

Not the same insight from which I wrote the poem to explore my own life but insight hidden within the words that makes perfect sense for them at that time.

Other poems I've written include:

  • From not knowing to knowing what to do - why I think unconventional beats logic in providing insight when you don't know what to do
  • I reclaim all my parts - which became about me reclaiming my wise womenhood or eldership
  • What is normal - written at the start of the first lockdown when there was a lot of judgement about what normal should look like
  • Paths & destinations - gorgeous exploration for when you don't know what to do and are judging yourself for that lack of knowing - see link to poem for link to webinar recording using the poem as a basis for the exploration.
  • Chasing the tide - about patience and letting go of comparison with others

You'll find me speaking many of these on my poem playlist on the LYL channel.

If you'd like to understand how use of one of these poems might help you personally to get unstuck and back on track or help your team to see situations from different perspectives do get in touch +44(0)7770 538159.

A post on How you can work with me and another about the coaching offered might also help with your decision making.

Alternatively you can sign up for my newsletter and/or following my podcast - Landscaping Your Life with Alison Smith - available on your favourite app, Spotify or Apple.


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