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Down to Earth

Down to earth, and yet up to the sky.
Grounded, and inspirational too.
Holding tight to the moment, whilst also stretching into the future.

Do we really need to see the wood for the trees?
Perhaps it’s about seeing the trees for the wood,
or seeing the sky for the trees,
or trees for the sky.
Being the tree? Or sky?
or something else entirely?

We are nature, nature is us.
When in doubt - nature.
When struggling and stuck - nature.
For inspiration - nature.
Wellbeing too.

Stand in nature and see your own inner wisdom reflected back at you.
Stand in nature and hear your inner wisdom’s whispers.
Stand in nature and know all is well.

The above words are my attempt at expressing why the Landscaping Your Life (LYL) toolkit, which uses nature’s landscapes as metaphors for our lives, means so much to me, and how practical, simple and effective the tools are because of our intimate connection with nature.

Do get in touch if you'd like to find out more about using poetry to facilitate change and insight for your team.


© Alison Smith
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