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Don't you ever do that to me again

"Don’t you ever do that to me again” said my boss.

“Well done, a breath of fresh air, congratulations” said another senior manager.

I was in my twenties, & I’d just done a very "Alisony" presentation to 80 senior managers.

“Alisony” involves enthusiasm, laughter & the unexpected, all aimed at achieving the goal.

In this instance, conveying the outcome of a cross-functional project looking into how visitors were treated when arriving at the factory, & identifying a plan for improving it.

What "Alisony" isn’t is: reading the slides, with a monotone voice, hands by my side, in a dark pressed suit.

My boss wanted convention & nothing that drew attention to being different.

The other senior managers reacted to my refreshing energy &, I would contend, remembered what I said as a result.

Since that time, it’s been a constant challenge of which of those two voices I listen to.

Having recently connected to a number of senior leaders on LI, I could hear my old boss warning me to tone myself down, & be more conventional.

Then I remember, convention & its lack are equally effective when in the hands of an expert.

There are plenty of experts using conventional means, and I can do conventional. Yet I’m certainly more effective when I’m being unconventionally Alison(y).

Do get in touch if you'd like to find out more about adding a little unconventional thinking into webinars and workshops, or coaching to support your team in these unprecedented times.


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