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Do something different everyday challenge

Doing something different every day for 21 or even 28 days is the quickest means I know of pushing us out of unhelpful patterns of thinking or behaving.

I've done the challenge a number of times over the years and the insight never fails to amaze me - here's a post from the archives sharing some of the things I did differently last time and the positive impact they had on my life - who knew saying yes to coffee could be so transformative or that saying yes to olives wouldn't get a different response.

With the Take a giant leap 12 week coaching programme starting on 17th October I'm launching a new Do something different every day challenge on 26th September 2022.

As I'll still be recuperating from having a knee replacement I'd really appreciate your help over on LinkedIn to post about what you did different using #dosomethingdifferenteveryday and copying my LI @LandscapingYourLife page in too.

I'll be joining you I just don't know yet how active I'll be on social media so would love your support to help those taking part to get the most from the challenge whether they're going to take a giant leap after or not.

Thank you xx

It's also a great challenge to do as a team - and whilst I won't be able to facilitate one for you during Sept/Oct 2022 happy to discuss doing one later in the year or even to start 2023 -


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