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Do something different every day

Do you need of a kick-start?

Does your mind need a spring clean?

Or perhaps the rut of the last 18 months needs disrupting?

I know mine does.

During September 2022, therefore, I'm returning to a tool from the LANDSCAPE coaching toolkit and doing something different every day for 28 days.

Not for 3 day but 28 days because, what I have discovered from doing it is, the magic happens once we get beyond the first few days.

For example, when I last did this challenge I realised how often I said no and the transformative impact saying yes had.

No zooms, no Facebook groups, no weekly or daily emails just a daily post on LinkedIn using #dosomethingdifferenteveryday and a weekly LinkedIn live on a Friday @ 1700 BST.

The only investment needed is your time and enthusiasm.

Hopefully you'll join me. As we not only share what we did differently but also the insight we get over the 28 days as the muscle for doing something different - and seeing things from a different perspective - is strengthened.

If you're ready to commit to joining me, because the first step is commitment, then email me or leave a comment on my LinkedIn post and let's get this party started!

Always happy to discuss doing a 28 day doing something different challenge for your team using your preferred platform and means of communication - +44(0)7770 538159 - you'll find other ways of working with me here.


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