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Chasing the tide

Chasing the tide
Never ahead
Always behind
Every move forward I take - the tide moves forward too
I run, it runs
Never bridging the gap between where I am and where I want to be
The tide always ahead in the distance
A vision of where I want to be
A promise of what may be
And yet never getting there
Never arriving
Fruitless effort of never ending disappointment.

In my seeming separateness I fail to remember
I am the water
I am part of that tide
My wave will arrive
Not one tide arriving together
Separate waves arriving exactly on cue
No late
No missing out
Perfect timing
My arrival after one wave and before another
Always on time
Never ahead
Never behind
I am the tide

Whilst I initially wrote these words to explore my life and to increase my own self awareness I understand these poems also resonate with others. Which is why I offer sessions for teams to explore working more resourcefully through a number of my poems such as What is normal?, From not knowing to knowing what to do, & Paths and destinations. (I delivered a session for Headtorch using the paths and destinations poem in relation to our wellbeing - follow the link to hear the recording).

If you'd like a session with a difference do get in touch not .uk +44(0)7770 538159

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