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Earth Day: The Earth cried the day the mist set in

See below for the words of the poems and other links mentioned in episode #46 of the Landscaping Your Life with Alison Smith podcast from which the title of the blog originates (Spotify/Apple).

Before then here's some more general information about the podcast and the Landscaping Your Life process used in the podcasts to help you get back on track when you don't know what to do.

Here's the two poems shared on episode #46 of the podcast with the collage above inspiring the words of the first poem.


The Earth cried the day the mist set in.

The grey fine mist had ever so slowly and incrementally,

seeped unseen and unacknowledged

into every nook and cranny of existence.

The beautiful sunrises,

and sunsets,

the pale blue skies,

the turquoise seas, and

green lush forests slowly being replaced by grey.

Sunrises seen through view finders, and unappreciated in the rush to take a picture to share on Facebook.

Sunsets ignored behind closed curtains in the desire to watch the latest boxset on TV.

Blue skies taken for granted despite humanity spending more time flying through its very heart.

Turquoise seas filled with ‘stuff’ now required for existence.

Green lush forests bulldozered to sustain the ever faster and increasing pace of life.

Earth herself relegated to being a means to an end, and not the end itself.

However much she wished for us to notice and engage in her beauty.

However much humanities soul cried out for such connection,

and however much individuals’ bodies reacted to that separation.

The earth cried as all she could do was watch the decent of all those she loved.

Unable to take any proaction to stop that decent.

Unwilling to turn away, and yet heartbroken with what she saw.

Optimistic with every new sunrise that this would be the day the mist would start to recede,

And crest fallen with every sunset that the opportunity had been missed.

The earth still cries – can you hear her?


The Sky

Surrounding the whole planet

Holding us safely within its embrace

Trusting us with a precious gift

A planet

With riches and beauty

For us to hold and treasure within our own

Embrace, and

Use the trust wisely.

Other links mentioned during the podcast being:

  • See episode #45 for the poem I reclaim all my parts (Apple/Spotify)
  • See episode #29 when you need to put down the stick you're beating yourself up with (Apple/Spotify) and you'll find the vlog here of me demonstrating doing just that
  • Doing something different every day is such a great means of shifting mindset, mood and state
  • and I mention BJ Fogg's book Tiny Habits as a great means of embedding new habits easily.


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