Can’t see the wood for the trees?

When you’re in a real wood, and can’t see it for the trees, what would you do?
You might for example get a map out; follow a path out; focus on a few trees instead of getting distracted by all of them; take to higher ground; or follow a stream out.
All solutions that are easily observed/discovered when you’re in a real wood.
The revelation is all of these solutions can be metaphorically applied to any situation that you can’t see the wood for the trees about.
How exciting and easy is that?
This then opens up a panorama of opportunities/ perspectives that you couldn’t previously see.
You’ll find many a vlog on the subject on a LYL playlist here.
There are a few posts on the subject here and of course the book of the same name Can’t see the wood for the trees – landscaping your life to get back on track.

“The process opens up a panorama of opportunities and perspectives
that you couldn’t previously see”

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