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Building Resilience

I certainly had to dig deep on my resilience when attempting to swim from South to North Queensferry here in Scotland a few years ago. It didn't end as I would have liked but I certainly tested my reserves of resilience.

As I took off my neoprene gloves after the recue boat dropped me off at the harbour little did I know that mine and everyone else's resilience would be tested in unprecedented ways.

Resilience was the topic of a number of my virtual workshops in 2020.

It started with a reminder that we had a lot more going on in our lives, and our bandwidth was busy.

A recognition that we're all different and, with a little help from Kübler-Ross and Maslow, we explored in what ways this difference might arise. (I suspect my What is normal poem started percolating as I discussed the implications of this with the first set of delegates.)

There's certainly a need to calibrate for each individual.

As managers and leaders they were reminded that they can do much to support their team's resilience. Particularly by ensuring they don't make the characteristics of the situation they're dealing with worse by their attitude, language and behaviour.

Then we spent some time exploring each element of this model for resilience by Cary cooper, Jill Flint Taylor and Michael Pearn:

It was interesting to note that everyone discovered actions they could take to support their own resilience, and have conversations with team members about their own resilience.

Do get in touch if you're interested in me delivering a building resilience session for your team.


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