Can’t see the wood for the trees? Landscaping Your Life to get back on track

If there was ever a time for this process it’s now. It’s an antidote to these unprecedented times and is a fun, refreshing “first aid kid for the brain” that doesn’t involve lots of thinking.
If you want to get out of the rut, stop going round in circles, or see the wood for the trees then just read a chapter, follow the advice and notice what you notice about the different perspectives that have emerged.
It’s available from all online stockists with here
Using nature’s landscapes as metaphors for our lives means the solutions can be found in the ruts, woods and circles we’re suggesting are keeping us stuck!
Coaches may also love to read the book to get a sense of the different coaching tools that they could use with clients.
“There is nothing more invigorating than taking a step back and being challenged to view life with a different perspective. Whether it is seeing the wood for the trees, stepping out of a rut or not burying your head in the sand…all techniques outlined in this book have helped me face life head on!” 

Cara Murphy, head of commercial contract and supplier management
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