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Are you making mountains out of molehills?

How easy was that - less than 5 minutes and yet it’s something I’ve put off, dreaded and spent far too much time worrying about and working around this week.

I’ve just this minute deleted the display’s driver on my laptop and it wasn’t the end of the world and mountain I imagined it to be - and it resolved the problem too.

Isn’t that the challenge with many problems - because we don’t know what to do we start making mountains without realising it.

What’s really a molehill becomes a huge mountain and before we know it we’re delaying action because we believe we need to prepare for the trek up the mountain.

It’s as if all week I’ve been getting the tent out, putting everything I might need for the trek into my rucksack, imagined the route I’d take, worried about my knees ability to get me to the top and on and on.

The more I thought about it the bigger the mountain got and the more overwhelmed I became.

And yet, just like these images of the sand on the beach, it really was a small blip - easily resolved - and not worth the angst.

Where might you be making mountains out of molehills - and how can you get some perspective to release the overwhelm and enable you to take action to resolving it?

If you need some help the Landscaping Your Life podcast may be a great place to start - just pick an episode title that resonates with how you're feeling and notice what you notice (Apple/Spotify and you'll find an index here).

My book Can't see the wood for the trees is also a fabulous reference manual for when you're stuck and don't know what to do - one reader described it as "first aid kit for the mind".


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