Are you going round in circles?

The quickest way to stop going round in circles is to draw the circle you’re going round in.
The surprise is that as you draw the circle and make changes to it – whether it’s circling slower, faster, bigger, smaller, changing direction, trying to break free of the circle - your relationship to the situation changes.
Solutions that are previously hidden appear.
One recent drawing included eight or so mini circles all going round very quickly, and it certainly explained why they were feeling very overwhelmed and a little frantic! The antidote drawing joined these circles together into something that looked a little like a daisy chain. Simply changing the representation brought more space and ease into the situation. They felt calmer and more relaxed and were then able to decide what one thing to do first.
You can download more advice about how to do this and stop going round in circles here.

“Solutions that are previously hidden from you appear.”

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