About Alison

Passion and enthusiasm
Alison has always had a passion and enthusiasm for patterns and using them to solve problems. Even her thesis at university over 35 years ago (?!?) involved looking at patterns; patterns of behaviour that lead to certain outcomes.
It’s no surprise, therefore, that after 15 years in Procurement in organisations, Alison decided in 2000 that she wanted to expand that pattern observation, exploration, and problem-solving to help others solve their problems in life and to help them get back on track.
This isn’t achieved by diving into the detail of the situation (i.e. it’s not about turning over every stone) but by stepping back and looking at the patterns.
It was a chance conversation that took the pattern observation to a new level and ultimately led to what we know today as Landscaping Your Life.
Patterns in nature
It’s as if we are able to see the patterns of a particular problem we’ve having by looking at the patterns in nature as they are laid out in front of us. So the corners we turn, the mountains we’re climbing, and the leaves we need to turn over are actually providing us with the insight we need for our real lives.
A little more about Alison
A session with Alison could never be described as boring – unconventional a possibility too.
Alison lives in Scotland with her 22-year old cat. She loves going out for walks, open-water swimming, reading, crystals, writing, and nature.
Open-water swimming has been a revelation for Alison. She moved to live near a beach but never considered that she might be able to swim in that water. And yet, she has discovered that she has the capacity and perseverance to swim in water from around 7°C (44 °F).
Alison would say that swimming in the sea is the place where she is at one with nature which might explain why many of her vlogs are in a wet suit.
© Alison Smith
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