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A wand helping you discover your inner magic

“It was like being a little wand that helps human souls to find and embrace their inner magic” is how it felt.

By way of introducing myself at a retreat this week I decided to share my poems - with each retreatee picking a poem intuitively from those spread before them on the meeting room floor.

I’ll let lines from the poems tell the story of the magic that emerged:

“I reclaim all my parts” (A)

“Ravelling and unravelling of old, not so old, new and yet to be discovered habits” (B)

“Bridging the gap between where I am and where I want to be” (C)

“Knowing I need to take a path, even if I don’t know why.
Just an excitement of the unknown calling for my inner wisdom to be revealed” (D)

Resulting in an expanded awareness of self”(E)

“I am enough” (F)

And yes it was really that transformative, and is why I love my job.

Thank you so much to the retreat organisers for inviting me along.

(See list of poems A-F below)

My poems are certainly featuring in more and more of my coaching sessions, and the focus of some workshops (I’ve even a few ideas for how to use them in forthcoming procurement trainings).

You’ll find a recording of a one hour lunch and learn session I did for Headtorch on their website using the paths & destinations poem as a means of exploring your relationship to your physical and mental wellbeing.

I’ve also featured many of them in my podcast, Landscaping Your Life with Alison Smith, available on all podcast apps including Spotify or Apple.

See #landscapingyourlife on social media for more about the LANDSCAPE coaching toolkit and the unconventional tools helping you see situations from different perspectives because:

“It is your unconventional eyes that are seeing the lack of options.
Unconventional looking gives permission to act as if there’s others ways to view the situation.
To believe there’s a solution, or even multiple solutions, out there” (E)

Over the four sessions I facilitated during the retreat I even managed to use every element of the toolkit:

List of poems:

(A) I reclaim all my parts
(B) What is normal
(C) Chasing the tide
(D) Paths & destinations
(E) From not knowing to knowing what to do
(F) Grounded to me

If you'd like to understand how I might help you personally to get unstuck and back on track; help your team to see situations from different perspectives; or share elements of the LANDSCAPE toolkit at your retreat do get in touch +44(0)7770 538159.

A post on How you can work with me and another about the coaching offered might also help with your decision making.

Alternatively you can sign up for my newsletter and/or following my podcast - Landscaping Your Life with Alison Smith - available on your favourite app including Spotify or Apple.


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