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5 (or 28) day mindset challenge

Is your mindset supporting or hindering you from making progress?

That was the question I asked on my last 5 day mindset challenge.

Whilst developed as a procurement mindset challenge the daily tasks are still as relevant to non procurement teams, and so I share them here in case they may provide insight to what you can do differently at this time to get back on track.

The basis of the challenge was participants had a daily video sent to them and then a Facebook live and Q&A sessions followed later in the day.

Whilst the Facebook live and Q&A sessions are no longer available for ad hoc use you may find the daily videos of some use (please note you can only view the videos using these links - ie the videos are not visible on my LYL YouTube channel).

You may also want to have a read of the disrupting mindsets post to give you a sense of the different mindsets I have in mind and you could use as you follow the daily tasks above.

Do get in touch if you'd like me to run a mindset challenge for your team - this could run for 5 days or expand to take place 28 days with each bespoke video arriving weekly allowing more time for individuals to explore their tasks and insights that arise.


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